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Marquee Hire

Transform a Blank Canvas into a Spectacular Setting

Marquee hire, opposed to conventional venues to hire for a special event, means you can not only have a unique marquee backdrop for your particular occasion, but you could also save yourself a small fortune. From north to south, all across the UK, throughout the east to the west, you'll find the latest event's trend is for high-quality marquees.


Marquees - whatever the event

Suppose you're holding a special occasion, whether for a private wedding with a special wedding marquee hire, a birthday or anniversary party, or perhaps a corporate event. In that case, you can’t go far wrong with an all-weather marquee hire which comes supplied with chairs, tables, illuminated bars, chill-out furniture, generators, wooden dance floors, and anything else you need to hire to make your special event go smoothly throughout the day or night.

Marquee hire for weddings is becoming an increasingly popular hire option for couples looking to host their celebrations in a less traditional setting as they're offered with a whole host of unrivalled benefits in hire packages.

If you love the idea of being part of the latest marquee trend, check out what's on offer - you'll thank us for it!

Think marquees, marquees, marquees!

Bespoke Marquees...

Marquee hire means an entirely blank canvas that you can embellish and furnish precisely how you wish. Modest and straightforward or wildly extravagant marquee hire companies to work around your budget, eliminating a lot of stress hire details can include. Whatever your style and taste, there is a marquee for you to hire. A popular theme for weddings is a festival vibe that only needs a simple marquee, and depending on where the marquee hire is situated, leaves out the flooring so that you can enjoy the grass, which helps with cutting costs.

Hiring a Marquee

Marquee or tents to hire can provide you and your guests the opportunity to mingle on a particular day in a spacious and relaxed environment, whatever the occasion. Quality marquees enable you to create your own themes for weddings, colours, decorations, and furniture for a bespoke marquee tent setting for your event, regardless of whether it's a wedding or a party. Unpredictable weather can make planning an outdoor tent event difficult, but investing in a marquee hire means that you can rest assured that your special occasion can go ahead whatever the weather, wherever it's based.

Perhaps your original hired venue couldn't accommodate the number of guests you wanted to invite, so that a marquee hire can be a beautiful extension and solution to this problem. And you can still do it on time, on budget, and without any real fuss! Marquee structures are also extremely flexible - long, square, L-shaped, classical, themed - you can't literally have whatever shape or size marquee that will suit your event and to stamp your mark on whatever you choose for your special occasion.

Celebration Marquees

So, if you are you planning a big birthday bash, maybe an extra special celebration, the wedding of the year, or a superior corporate event, think marquee hire. Or you maybe want something a little more low-key such as a relaxed garden party based at home or an intimate sit-down dinner for your family and special friends? You'll find that companies who hire marquees out have many years of experience in helping to create weddings, celebrations, and events that stand out. They can push the boundaries of personalised event management and, based on your needs, can provide the details to suit and that will make your wedding, event, or party one everyone will remember. Photos are compulsory!


Whatever the reason for your unique marquee hire, the priority for your stylish marquee hire should be to create a beautiful wedding space or whatever magical event you want to hold, knowing it will work for you and that it's one you are proud of, regardless of whether the focus is on hospitality, a product launch, an exhibition or sports event, and irrespective of whether the event is large or small in London, Surrey or Sussex. Some marquee hire companies to have a variety of different furniture to hire to suit all events and different themes, which include everything from solid wood tables to collections of different chairs and benches.

Corporate Marquees

Corporate marquee hire for whatever the business event is professional and fashionable, so it's not really surprising that corporate marquee hire is becoming popular amongst businesses wanting something more chic to entertain their potential clients and customers in. Marquees are exceptional networking venues for corporate events, as well as being invaluable when entertaining corporate clients. Hiring a quality alternative marquee will undoubtedly make your business stand-out amongst your competitors and will guarantee to leave a significant impact on your guests. So, whether you are re-branding, releasing a new product, or want to generate more customers, a quality corporate events marquee hire is a perfect occasion to highlight your business.

Marquees Galore

Whether you need to throw a company dinner in London or to allow your company products to stand out in a corporate promotional event, or to organise the party of the year with a spectacular Christmas extravaganza, you'll find there is a marquee hire company that has years of experience in planning any corporate occasion.

There's also support if you need assistance with the planning and designing of a genuinely outstanding corporate event, and we’re not just talking about the perfect party space either because many marquees hire companies also offer professional event management services, ensuring nothing is too much hassle.

Marquees' Celebrations

Regardless of the reason you want to hire a marquee, make sure you hire a marquee from a professional company with years of experience and who have a team that can offer to supply you with everything you might need to hire, including as well as the latest branding, furnishings, and creative lighting to ensure your venue is the perfect place for your party or event albeit in London or the southwest. Think big.

People hire marquees for:

Whatever the latest celebration, be it your wedding day, a Golden 50th wedding anniversary, or a Christmas party, marquees and tents are the perfect venues to hire to gather individuals together to celebrate in a temporary, spacious, and flexible venue. So, if you want to mingle or dance the evening away, you can if you hire a temporary marquee. Some marquee hire companies to have garden-sized marquees that can be installed onto the grass, patio, decking, concrete... in fact, anything! You can hire marquees that can be butted up to the side of your house, so you can easily create that extra space that you couldn't get in a conventional venue. Professional teams will install your marquee hire a day or two before your actual event and then will remove your marquee hire after your event – leaving you with a stress-free experience in creating amazing memories for your friends and family at your own home and outdoor space. Hiring a marquee is fun!


Quality marquee structures provide a fantastic blank backdrop to convert and make your very own - you could decide from anything from an atrium-style layout with its cleverly sectioned design and an incredible impressive central atrium to a canvas wooden pole creation with a spectacular sweeping roof - they’re always a popular choice because they look so grand. However, perhaps you fancy something a little unique, stretch wedding marquee tents are the possible perfect solution for a slightly more laid-back feel or a funky festival vibe. Tipis are fabulous, too, as they can provide a luxuriously intimate space, making them ideal for small garden party gatherings or a romantic wedding space, or why not join a few tipis together so you can have a bigger bash? Perhaps you have a more specific set of requirements for your special event? You can even have stylish bespoke marquees constructed for you, whether it be temporary or permanent tent hire. Once you’ve decided which marquee hire option you want, it’s time for the fun part - which is ensuring it's tailor-made to your event's specific tastes and theme, making it perfect for your guests! Quality marquee hire companies will also ensure you're given the optional extras of hiring:

Wedding Marquee

If your marquee hire is for your wedding, or if you are a wedding planner and need something extra superb for your clients' wedding, then you should check out the wedding marquee market, as these are top quality marquees that will make anyone's wedding day that extra bit special. You can hire a wedding marquee package so you can adorn your wedding day marquee with swathes of roses, flowing drapes, and twinkly lights for a classically wedding romantic feel. Add a few cosy fire-pits for gathering around as the evening approaches, or embellish your marquee's ceiling with elegant chandeliers or paper lanterns for a softer, gentler ambiance. A vintage wedding theme is always popular, so imagine jam-jar posies for giving tables that extra boost of romantic prettiness, perfumed candles, or soft lighting, as well as all the bunting you could possibly imagine. Now add in a covered walkway space complete with flowers, a stunning dance floor, and a well-stocked bar, and you’re all set for the wedding day of your dreams.

Marquees with Style

And if you want to go all-out, there are also available stylish marquee wedding bell tents which provide fantastic overnight, outdoor wedding accommodation for you and your guests for the ultimate festival wedding with all requirements catered for. Fully-furnished wedding tent accommodation or social occasion village can offer you a unique experience for your wedding night or special occasion, allowing you and your family and friends to continue the celebrations after your big wedding day.

You'll find that luxury marquee wedding villages can be made up of high-quality furnished wedding bell tents, complete with free-standing awning structures for outdoor lounging, stunning lights, flags, and bunting, as well as a special love wedding tent for the newly married couple. The marquee wedding set-up is designed to create a luxury 'glamping' experience and the perfect love festival wedding social atmosphere which will delight everyone.


The marquee wedding bell tents come with everything you need for a relaxing night’s sleep in a cosy and comfortable space. Each wedding tent has two double beds, with fleeces, sheets, duvet, and pillows, and all the floors are even carpeted, and there are internal lights and a table - you can be supplied with everything you can possibly imagine for your marquee wedding.

Many people are choosing to host their wedding at home, which cuts the cost dramatically, and a marquee is a perfect addition as it can be used throughout the year. Alternatively, you can create a wow factor by placing a marquee on the beautiful grounds of a manor house or castle. Many of these types of the venue have rooms that are licensed to hold your wedding ceremony, which means you won’t have to transfer your guests to a separate venue.

Marquees for Parties

It's essential that when you choose to use marquee hire for your party, or in fact any event, that you consider certain factors when deciding - you'll need to take care to ensure:

Whether you choose to have a small intimate dinner or a big party, there is the right size marquee to suit your needs. Ensure that your marquee accommodates your event's space, budget, and aspirations. So, whether you want to invite 50 people or 500, you can cater for them all in the marquee hire. Remember, it's all in the planning! You'll find that regardless of the occasion you want to host, you can have a bespoke structure which is the perfect choice for anything from a house to hotel extensions. So, whether you need a small covering for an outdoor space or a large-scale studio to cater for your design needs, there are friendly marquee companies who can design and create a marquee structure that satisfies your marquee hire needs ideally. All you have to do is contact them, and they can supply you with everything - give them a call. You can have literally anything and everything from fully equipped catering kitchens to relaxed canvas sails...

Marquees Across UK

Quality marquees are based all across the UK, including London, West Sussex, Sussex, Surrey, and everywhere in the south, and usually have a friendly team of professionals who can help your dreams come true, will help supply you with everything, and will have your back covered - so, just contact them today - don't forget to take the photos! Call today.

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